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50 Jahre Vosswinkel

The 1st july 2014 is a very special date for us. Because on this day 50 years ago, our company was founded. 
Everything started with the engineer Karl-Heinz Vosswinkel and his idea to develop control arrangements of the highest quality - but this to be cheaper and more flexible than the big competitors in the market.
His claim in quality and his passion for always the best result also are even today our impulse. With high efficiency and precision we create solutions which help our customers to increase her productiveness and to improve her success on and on.
To do justice to this philosophy also during the next 50 years, we whipped in the jubilee year a new chapter of our enterprise history, and shifted the location from Hagen to Sprockhövel. Lying in the middle of the green and traffic-favourably between the highways A1 and A43, it offers not only more place, but also more space for innovations and new possibilities for us and our customers.